ReLex Logistics and Export is an indigenous Logistics and Supply Chain Management Company set out to be the market leader in Central Africa and extensively in Africa. We specialize in the movement of goods in the national and international territory.

Our core services include freight forwarding, import and Export Clearance services, air freight services, intra logistics and transportation, warehousing, oil and gas logistics services, depot management, supply chain management, Project Logistics and Management, Stevedoring, Husbandry etc

With an extensive and established network of logistics professionals with experience, we have hands on mastery of the local and African market with its needs, we provide strategic solutions supported with modern technology to enable our customer’s access new business opportunities, meet new market demands as well as accompany our clientele in their growth strategies.

Think ReLex Logistics and Export if you are sending large or small goods anywhere across Africa as we are dedicated to deliver customized logistics solutions.

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