Strategically located on the central Africa, ReLex Logistics and Export has a vast network of active representation in most country in Africa. This ensures an integrated service in almost all major trades. Meanwhile the local experience of our staff allows you to have a personalized service.
Note that our network includes of course all our partners located throughout the world, which also ensures the speed and fluidity of all your services.
A dedicated team offers you the best logistics services through our global network, modern facilities and technology advanced information systems. Today, our services extend basic services and freight consolidation to the management and operation of more comprehensive programs involving the transportation, warehousing and multi modal distribution.
Our goal is to provide:
• The creation of economic values and programs that meet your needs;
• Simple logistics functions in the management of entire supply chains to allow you to focus on the heart of your business.


ReLex Logistics and Export team consists of logistics professionals who can offer you a variety of service solutions to meet all your internal transportation needs: whether rail, river, sea, or road; with flexible services we assure you that your goods are collected and delivered efficiently and effectively.

ReLex Logistics and Export large enough logistics partner to provide goods of all kinds all over the world, but also able to give its customers the personal attention they need.

ReLex Logistics and Export a genius in the world supply and supply chain management and flow management if necessary.

Our job is to organize the flow of materials to our customers to ensure the management and delivery of the goods on the African continent and to inform our customers about the procedures and the evolution of transport.

  • CHAD

ReLex Logistics and Export in Chad is the partner of major companies in the country. We develop new storage services for the major operators of high-tech sector.

With a team of integrity, based in Chad, we offer personalized and comprehensive logistics solutions to our customers.


ReLex Logistics and Export Congo; combined strategic storage locations with the best design tools, processes and distribution systems to ensure cost-effective solutions to the Congo. Proactivity of our team on site easier to understand your business and your logistics needs. This way we can provide service solutions that will help you grow your business.

  • DRC

By developing a beneficial partnership with Congolese companies ReLex Logistics and Export DRC offers an innovative logistics service in real time and at an affordable cost, allowing them to transport their goods whatever the mode of transport, to reduce handling and achieve tracking.

The DRC transport sector poses enormous problems in terms of infrastructure, organization and finance; thus, the DRC ReLex Logistics and Export transport system is combining multi modal inland waterways, road, rail, air and sea, which meets the needs of local businesses.


Position with exporting companies, but also the government as partners: It was the challenge of ReLex Logistics and Export Nigeria. We have developed an expertise to importers-exporters.

ReLex Logistics and Export Nigeria considers himself as an architect of transportation solutions for its clients and their bets provisions;

ReLex Logistics and Export Nigeria offers a professional, responsible, motivated and committed to provide quality service 24H / 24.

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