Customs Brokerage

The mark of an experienced customs broker is the attention to detail. ReLex Logistics and Export, we pay attention to all the details and use our experience, regulatory expertise and the latest technology to ensure that your supply chain remains consistent. Our brokerage team participates in automated customs programs and we extend this technology expertise to you. With ReLex Logistics and Export, you are always informed on the follow up of your packages.
As an authorized customs broker, we recognize our obligation to act responsibly on behalf of our clients in our statements to government agencies. This role was even more important today as “safe trade” replaces “trade facilitation” in the international supply chain. The brokerage team of ReLex Logistics and Export facilitate the smooth and fast movement your goods through the reports of the current and future needs of government, representing our clients in a very favorable way. We provide real time complete and accurate information to government agencies, so as to minimize the risks associated with transport of goods across international borders.

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