ReLex Logistics and Export is a company specialized in the management of transport operations and supply chain set to be the market leader in Central Africa and widely in Africa. We specialize in the movement of goods on the national and international territory.
Our core services include freight forwarding, import and export services, air cargo services, intra logistics and transportation, warehousing, logistics services for oil and gas, management of deposit, supply chain management, logistics, project management, handling, breeding, etc.
An extensive network of logistics expertise.
With an extensive network and implementation of logistics professionals and experienced, we have hands on knowledge of the local and African market with its needs, we provide strategic solutions supported with modern technology to enable new opportunities Business to our customers, meet new market demands and simply accompany our customers in their growth strategies.
ReLex Logistic and Export is now the brand CORPORATE intended to unite all trademarks of transport and logistics activities in Africa
The corporate brand ReLex Logistics and Export was officially launched in Germany and Cameroon, therefore we speak of winning leader in the field of Germans and Cameroonians management.

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